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      Suzhou Talant Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2010. It is mainly engaged in the production, sales and research and development of photoelectric light guide plates and related components. The revenue from its main business in 2017 has exceeded 400 million. In 2013, our company purchased 50 mu of industrial land in the large-scale and preferential investment promotion policy of Huangcheng Town Committee, Town Government, Xiangcheng District Committee and District Government of Xiangcheng District. In the middle of 2015, 35,000 square meters of industrial buildings were successfully built and are now officially put into use.

      In recent years, our company has started to introduce light guide plate hot pressing technology. Compared with traditional injection molding technology, printing technology and laser technology, this technology has overwhelming advantages, such as low development cost, good bending control, large-size light guide plate, light guide plate, environmental protection and no radiation. Good security! Around this technology, our company has 25 practical new patents and 1 invention patent (∨-CUT light guide plate end face processing technology) invention patent has turned to international patent application. Our main customers are: BOE, Samsung Electronics, LG, Fujian Jielian Electronics, Jiashida, AUO, Daliang Electronics, Xiaomi Technology, Konka Hisense and other well-known enterprises.